Industrial Property Protection in Japan (in German)

The 3rd edition of this book is a complete revision of the 2nd edition of 2008. The already high standard of industrial property protection in Japan has been again improved by numerous law amendments and extensive case law. It is worthwhile to apply for protective rights in Japan and to enforce these before courts. The book allows a quick and well-founded insight into the Japanese law for the protection of inventions, marks, designs and know-how. The practitioner is enabled to efficiently communicate with Japanese patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law on matters of industrial property protection in Japan, and comes to know the way of thinking of Japanese clients. As the only comprehensive, up-to-date and practical representation of industrial property protection in Japan, the book overcomes a lack of information. In the 3rd edition, with regard to patent law, especially the reintroduction of opposition proceedings and numerous amendments regarding the requirements for patent applications and time limits were introduced, as well as law amendments regarding disappropriation, the extension of the novelty grace period etc. In the trademark law, there has been especially a remarkable extension of the admissible types of trademarks. With respect to design law the accession of Japan to the Hague Convention on Designs is to be mentioned.